2015 Convention Scene

Indiana Comic Con

25 June, 2015

March 13-15 was a huge weekend for us at My Geekery. This was the first time we tried exhibiting at two conventions over the same weekend. The co-owner Sharayah and our graphic designer (her sister) Courtney headed to Indianapolis for Indiana Comic Con. This was our second trip to Indianapolis in 4 weeks, but we were stoked about this convention. I heard outstanding things about this con from 2014 and even though we had already booked Lexington the same weekend I knew we had to attend this show. Also, this was the first time Sharayah and Courtney had ever exhibited at a convention. They've attended conventions, mostly Dragon Con in Atlanta, so they weren't completely unfamiliar with the convention scene.

The weekend was a total success for not only My Geekery but for the promoters of Indiana Comic Con. Over 33,000 people attended the show, which is significantly more than the previous year. We nearly sold out of everything!! We didn't expect the huge increase in sales since we were just in Indianapolis the month prior, but we sure were thankful!! We also met some outstanding people and made some sweet connections with the Indiana Star Wars guys- we did the banners for their booth. Indianapolis is about 2 hours away from our base of operations in Ohio and there are numerous conventions in Indianapolis throughout the year, but this is our favorite convention and probably one of the only conventions we will consistently visit in Indianapolis. 

We have reserved our booth for the 2016 Indiana Comic Con for the weekend of April 29-May 1. We can't wait and we hope to see you all there next year!! 


Wizard World Cleveland

20 March, 2015

On a very cold, snowy day in February My Geekery traveled just a few hours north to Cleveland, Ohio for the inaugural Wizard World Cleveland Comic Con February 20-22, 2015. This was our first trip to Cleveland and it certainly didn't disappoint. By opening time on Friday temperatures were below freezing but that didn't stop the die-hard fans in Cleveland! Three-day passes were sold out and the lines were huge! Saturday was much the same, but with a few inches of fresh snow continuing to fall as the show opened, again there were long lines waiting to invade the show floor Saturday morning. 

As with Indianapolis the weekend before, we took much of the same items to Cleveland. Again, the wall arts and the increased selection of vinyl decals was much appreciated by the attendees. We nearly sold out of every wall art design we took!! The snow and cold won't stop the fans in Cleveland!! They also set a record for attendance at an inaugural Wizard World Show!! Great Job Cleveland and we will be back in 2016!!!



Wizard World Indianapolis

18 March, 2015

Wizard World Indianapolis started on Friday the 13th... February 13-15, 2015. We decided to change up our layout and what we offered at the conventions. MyGeekery.com offers more than just tee shirts and most people we meet out at conventions think we're simply a tee shirt company, but that just isn't so. We offer vinyl decals, posters, wall arts, books and some accessories (from time to time). We decided to bring along some wall arts and more vinyl decals to Wizard World Indianapolis. We also decided to try a linear booth instead of a corner booth. This brought many changes and I think they were all welcomed by the attendees. People enjoyed the increased selection of vinyl decals we were offering, as well as bringing the Wall Arts to a convention. Many people enjoyed seeing the wall arts and you could see the creative wheels turning as they were planning on how and where to place these around their home. Since we increased the amount of decals and by introducing the wall arts, we had to decrease the amount of shirts we took. The layout was tight, but many people enjoyed our 100 square foot area of geekery and left with smiles on their faces.

The weekend was full of shenanigans as usual. They even had Quidditch tournaments with local college teams; and a celebrity game featuring Michael Rooker ever broke out Saturday afternoon. Some members of the Sister's Mischief even stopped by throughout the weekend rocking their awesome costumes.


 My Geekery IndianapolisWizard World IndyMichael Rooker

Wizard World New Orleans

16 March, 2015

We started the year off with a long trip from frozen Ohio to the warmer Gulf Coast in January. Wizard World New Orleans was not only our first convention of the 2015 tour, it was also the longest trek made by My Geekery thus far. Generally, we travel in a 500 mile radius of our home base in Ohio. The trip was long, but very successful. We had an outstanding time in New Orleans getting to meet many new people and friends. We are planning on making the trip back to Wizard World New Orleans in January 2016. 

The people in New Orleans are extremely friendly and the attendees at the convention were having an awesome time. If you ever have a chance to attend a Wizard World Show I would highly encourage it. They always have huge media guests, and very talented comic artists. Also, there's a decent chance you'll get to see us at the show. We add more and more Wizard World shows each year. 

Thanks to everyone who came out to Wizard World New Orleans, and we can't wait to see you guys in 2016!!


Wizard World New OrleansWizard World New Orleans 2015

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