Wizard World Indianapolis

18 March, 2015

Wizard World Indianapolis started on Friday the 13th... February 13-15, 2015. We decided to change up our layout and what we offered at the conventions. MyGeekery.com offers more than just tee shirts and most people we meet out at conventions think we're simply a tee shirt company, but that just isn't so. We offer vinyl decals, posters, wall arts, books and some accessories (from time to time). We decided to bring along some wall arts and more vinyl decals to Wizard World Indianapolis. We also decided to try a linear booth instead of a corner booth. This brought many changes and I think they were all welcomed by the attendees. People enjoyed the increased selection of vinyl decals we were offering, as well as bringing the Wall Arts to a convention. Many people enjoyed seeing the wall arts and you could see the creative wheels turning as they were planning on how and where to place these around their home. Since we increased the amount of decals and by introducing the wall arts, we had to decrease the amount of shirts we took. The layout was tight, but many people enjoyed our 100 square foot area of geekery and left with smiles on their faces.

The weekend was full of shenanigans as usual. They even had Quidditch tournaments with local college teams; and a celebrity game featuring Michael Rooker ever broke out Saturday afternoon. Some members of the Sister's Mischief even stopped by throughout the weekend rocking their awesome costumes.


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