Indiana Comic Con

25 June, 2015

March 13-15 was a huge weekend for us at My Geekery. This was the first time we tried exhibiting at two conventions over the same weekend. The co-owner Sharayah and our graphic designer (her sister) Courtney headed to Indianapolis for Indiana Comic Con. This was our second trip to Indianapolis in 4 weeks, but we were stoked about this convention. I heard outstanding things about this con from 2014 and even though we had already booked Lexington the same weekend I knew we had to attend this show. Also, this was the first time Sharayah and Courtney had ever exhibited at a convention. They've attended conventions, mostly Dragon Con in Atlanta, so they weren't completely unfamiliar with the convention scene.

The weekend was a total success for not only My Geekery but for the promoters of Indiana Comic Con. Over 33,000 people attended the show, which is significantly more than the previous year. We nearly sold out of everything!! We didn't expect the huge increase in sales since we were just in Indianapolis the month prior, but we sure were thankful!! We also met some outstanding people and made some sweet connections with the Indiana Star Wars guys- we did the banners for their booth. Indianapolis is about 2 hours away from our base of operations in Ohio and there are numerous conventions in Indianapolis throughout the year, but this is our favorite convention and probably one of the only conventions we will consistently visit in Indianapolis. 

We have reserved our booth for the 2016 Indiana Comic Con for the weekend of April 29-May 1. We can't wait and we hope to see you all there next year!! 


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